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April 2012 Archives

Donor sperm in divorce: Is it property or not?

Advances in medical science and technology are amazing on one level. But on another, they can sometimes present unique challenges when it comes to legal issues. New questions surface regularly forcing courts in Arizona and elsewhere to make tough decisions that could have a ripple effect far beyond the immediate case at hand.

Spouse abuse and spousal maintenance rulings

What many call alimony is called spousal maintenance in Arizona. In times past, the the general practice of family courts tended to tip the scales of spousal maintenance payments in favor of the wife. But society is a fluid thing. There are more women in the workforce today than ever before and in many instances breadwinning and parenting roles have been reversed.

Klum-Seal divorce spurring child custody confrontation

It's official. Supermodel Heidi Klum and singer Seal have filed for divorce. Couples in Arizona who may be considering similar action might also wish to take note of the fact that while this high-profile couple had given indications that their split would be an amicable one, it's apparent that not everything is going along smoothly. Child custody issues have sprung up.

Dondero case reveals high asset divorce complexities

Arizona is a community property state. On its face, that might suggest that settling issues related to property division and spousal maintenance in the event of a divorce should be a relatively simple matter of adding up income earned during the marriage and splitting it up equitably. But it's often not that easy, especially in cases of high asset divorce.

Decisions to marry, divorce, may be shaped by life expectancy

Results of a new behavioral study seem to bolster the notion that the greater human life expectancy is, the more it affects how we behave. As Arizona-based family law attorneys, we can't help but propose that the findings also seem to recommend the importance of having appropriate legal documents, such as premarital, postmarital, and cohabitation agreements, to guide how individual or joint assets should be handled in the event life situations change.

Disputes in high asset divorces can leave orphan properties

Arizona is a community property state. That means property bought during a marriage from a couple's incomes is generally divided equally between the individuals when they separate. But property division issues have a way of getting complex when creative legal tactics are used to make purchases. This can be especially true in high asset divorces.

Phoenix mom and child reunited after kidnap by dad

Child custody is one of the most delicate issues that a couple can face when going through a divorce. Arizona law allows for a variety of custody forms. Modifications with specific terms may be possible as might be deemed appropriate for varying circumstances. It's always advisable, therefore, to have the help of an experienced attorney in determining necessary child custody terms.

Dynamics of divorce law highlight value of legal help

Just because Arizona law has provisions for no-fault divorce does not mean that the process equates to being simple. What no-fault means in the context of Arizona is that one spouse does not need to prove the other did something illicit to warrant dissolution of the marriage. Delicate issues regarding alimony, child custody and property division still come into play and it's advisable to have the help of experienced legal counsel.

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