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May 2012 Archives

Facebook and divorce: 33% of filings referenced social network

The effect Facebook and other social networking sites have on divorce is more than just murmurs and rumblings -- especially given the latest round of statistical evidence by DivorceOnline, which reviewed divorce filings in 2011 to see how prominent a role Facebook played in a divorce.

Some issues that can arise from parenting plans and child custody

When a couple files for divorce, the process is almost always an emotional one. Sure, there are items, assets and property that need to be divided, and those can generate great angst and controversy -- but when it comes to your child, the matters of deciding on custody and agreeing to a mutually acceptable parenting plan can often be a difficult time for either spouse.

Did Zuckerberg sign a prenuptial agreement prior to marriage?

Imagine that, while you were planning your upcoming wedding to your boyfriend or girlfriend, you suddenly found yourself with $20 billion in assets. As amazing as that would be, how would it affect your opinion on getting a prenuptial agreement?

Father of 30 children concerned with child support

In general, child support payments are based upon the ages and needs of the children. It also depends upon which parent has more time with the child. In Arizona, the amount also depends upon each parent's gross income, childcare costs, medical and dental insurance for the children, day care and/or school costs.

Social media continues to play major role in divorce

According to a February 2010 study by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, 81% of their responding attorneys claimed they were seeing a vast increase in the amount of evidence gathered from social media sites during their divorce cases.

Increasingly prominent for women to pay spousal maintenance

The subject of alimony -- or spousal maintenance as it is called here in Arizona -- has been a regular topic on this blog. Over the past year, spousal maintenance has been challenged by reform groups that seek to update what they would call "antiquated" laws that no longer accurately reflect the state of marriage in our society.

'Bachelor' host's divorce highlights community property laws

The host of ABC's reality TV program "The Bachelor," Chris Harrison, is calling time on his 18-year marriage with his wife. Whether the divorce is deemed ironic (considering the show's goal of pairing love-seekers together) or apt (considering the show's, shall we say, "less than stellar" marital success rate for those love-seekers) or something in between, we'll leave for celebrity insiders to decide.

A few things to know about your divorce and taxes

Divorce has reached record highs across the country, and many married couples in Arizona are realizing their relationship has become untenable. When going through a divorce, there are a few things you can do to alleviate some of the financial stress of the split come tax time. Of course, tax day was just a few weeks ago - but this info will certainly help those seeking a divorce as the rest of 2012 unfolds.

Hiding money in Arizona divorce tougher due to technology

Individuals in Arizona looking to get out of a troubled marriage are often under a lot of pressure. Concerns about maintaining the lifestyles they have become accustomed to may inspire some spouses to try to squirrel away money or hide assets from each other.

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