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January 2014 Archives

And the survey says... more men on the receiving end of alimony

In 1979, a family law case was brought all the way up to the Supreme Court of the United States. The case concerned the divorce of a couple with the last name Orr, but more specifically, it concerned alimony. The court ruled that it is unconstitutional to award alimony based on an individual's gender.

Divorce numbers only part of the story, but what drives them?

Statistics can be useful. The statistics that will be published in an upcoming issue of Population Research and Policy Review show that the number of divorce filings have begun to increase in correlation with the recovering economy.

Author upends image of the missing father, the deadbeat dad

For one author, she spent a large portion of her time talking to single moms in low-income communities around the country. She heard their stories, listened to their frustrations and got insight into the hurdles that they faced.

Love won't keep them together: Captain and Tennille to divorce

Over the course of many years, a marriage can change. After spending so much time, couples may simply grow apart. Even though a number of people in this situation might not be looking for a contentious divorce process, there may be complex financial issues to tackle in order to finalize the split.

Have wedding day worries? Protect against mishaps with insurance

Women have often dreamt about their wedding day since they first tried on their mother's dress and slipped their tiny toes into high-heeled shoes. When the time actually comes, brides often discover that there is a lot more to planning a wedding than picking out the dress. Have you ever seen a wedding planner or organized bride's folder that includes all of the details for the big day?

Arizona CPS set to dissolve after 6,500 uninvestigated reports

In Arizona, child welfare is being put on the front burner as allegations were made that raised concerns from parents, child advocates, legislators and more. Accusations of child abuse and neglect are something that can come up in a child custody case. Although some of these accusations are baseless, others are not. This is why Child Protective Services was required to investigate claims, no matter who reported the possibility.

Mom creates product to keep post-divorce schedules organized

When parents in Phoenix must determine child custody or child support arrangements, a family law attorney is incredibly helpful. Not only will attorneys make sure that a parent's rights are protected, but they will help create a detailed plan that works for the family.

Enjoy the Golden Years with careful divorce planning

When we say "I do" at the altar, in front of witnesses or before a justice of the peace, we are changing our property rights under the law. For instance, in a community property state like Arizona, almost everything acquired after that point in time falls under a 50/50 ownership interest realized in the event of a divorce. While there are some exceptions and ways to alter this equal ownership, like a prenuptial agreement, it is the general rule for most assets and liabilities.

Unexpected issues can develop in Arizona child custody cases

Whether parents are going through a divorce or unmarried and establishing an arrangement for their newborn, child custody is an important issue. When determinations are made in court, the advice to "have an experienced and knowledgeable attorney looking out for your interests" is one that should be taken seriously.

If I take the house in the divorce, do I incur a tax?

As citizens of the United States, the readers of our Phoenix Divorce Law Blog likely know that there is a federal tax consequence for much of what we do when it comes to earning money, selling property, acquiring assets and any other financial transaction. What readers may be wondering then is what happens during a divorce?

Undefined time for temp custody order against child's interests

Raising a special needs child can be incredibly rewarding at the same time as it can be incredibly challenging. It's in the name; a special needs child has unique needs in comparison to his or her peers. Some families may call on a grandparent to help under certain circumstances, but does this decision affect parental rights?

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