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How do judges make spousal support determinations in AZ? P.2

In our last post, we began speaking about how judges in Arizona go about making determinations of spousal support. Again, the first thing judges need to determine is whether there is any entitlement to spousal support, and then how much the entitled party should receive over how much time.

How do judges make spousal support determinations in AZ?

Spousal maintenance, also called alimony or spousal support, can be an important resource for a disadvantaged spouse after divorce. It can also be a significant burden to the paying spouse. When considering the issue of spousal support in Arizona, judges have broad discretion to award or not.

Work with an experienced attorney in garnishment proceedings

Child support and spousal support can be challenging financial responsibilities to deal with for those who have gone through a divorce. In some cases, financial strain can lead to the inability to meet one's financial responsibilities to a former spouse and one's children, which can then result in a court issuing an order for garnishment of earnings.

Permanent alimony awards rare in AZ, but can occur

Alimony is only one issue among several that are dealt with in divorce, and it is often handled close to the end of the process. Because of this, it is not always clear how alimony will be decided in divorce cases. What is particularly unpredictable is the length of time for which alimony will be awarded. As a recent TIME article points out, in cases where lifetime alimony is awarded, there are often strong feelings of resentment and injustice.

Remarriage, divorce and spousal support: Sorting out the details

For a person who is married at a young age and divorces within a relatively short period of time, he or she has many youthful years to consider a second marriage. Of course, anyone who is going into marriage having been through divorce, there is probably a lot of knowledge gained between the two events.

How long must spousal support payments be made in Arizona?

No matter how you cut it, divorce introduces change into lives of couples seeking to split up. Families that once relied on the contributions -- financial and otherwise -- of two adults are split in two. This can obviously create financial challenges, particularly if one spouse has a higher income than the other.

Call a spade a spade and call it alimony -- for tax purposes

Over the course of a marriage, both spouses get used to a certain financial status and quality of life. Of course, introducing divorce into the mix will undoubtedly change things, but soon-to-be ex-spouses can work to create a settlement that minimizes the financial impact of divorce as much as possible.

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