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What factors impact child custody and parenting time decisions? P.2

In our previous post, we began speaking about the best interests of the child standard and some of the factors judges consider when making child custody and parenting time decisions in accordance with that standard. We've already mentioned a couple of those factors, but we'd like to highlight a couple more here.

What factors impact child custody and parenting time decisions?

Child custody and parenting time are important aspects of the legal process of divorce, and it is important for divorcing parents to understand how courts make decisions on these issues. As we have previously written on this blog, the principle factor judges consider when making custody and parenting time determinations is the best interests of the child or children.

Modifying divorce decrees in court

In our last post, we spoke very briefly about divorce decrees, what they are and generally what they cover. As we mentioned, it is important to work with an experienced attorney in negotiating with a spouse on divorce issues and in representing one's case before a judge. It can also be important, though, to work with an experienced attorney after a divorce decree is entered.

Social media use can impact child custody proceedings, P.1

We have previously spoken on this blog about the best interests of the child standard and how critical it is for judges when making child custody determinations. One of the things that can sometimes come into consideration when making best interests determinations is the way a child's parents use social media. In a time when so many people use Facebook and similar websites, it is important to consider how one's use of social media could impact court proceedings.

Social media use can impact child custody proceedings, P.2

In our last post, we began speaking about how the use-or rather abuse-of social media can impact child custody cases. The issue is an important one in a time when many people make use of social media to communicate with one another, including couples who are going through divorce or child custody proceedings.

Even the rich sometimes need child support modifications

Child support is a real burden for many divorced parents in the United States. This is particularly the case among low-income families. Unfortunately, failure to pay child support can lead to serious consequences of the delinquent parent. Fortunately, some noncustodial parents are able to obtain relief through a modification of the child support order when circumstances have changed enough to warrant a modification.

Obtaining a child support order modification in Arizona

In our last post, we wrote about a recent Arizona Court of Appeals ruling which permits enforcement of out-of-state child support orders. The ruling, as we noted, was based on the fact that enforcing an out-of-state child support order would present the kind of confusion modifying an out-of-state order would. It is modification of child support orders, then, that is the real problem.

AZ father hit with child support obligations could still press charges

In a recent post, we wrote about an Arizona man who has been served with papers ordering him to pay child support to a woman who raped him when he was a minor. In addition to payments going forward, the man owes about $15,000 in back payments, medical bills and interest. Already, he is having money seized and garnished.

Phoenix woman regains custody of children

Child custody is something that many parents can too easily take for granted until they have custody taken away. This often happens to parents in divorce or after accusations of abuse or neglect. Phoenix readers may have heard about Shanesha Taylor, a Phoenix mother who left her two sons in a hot car in March while she was at a job interview in Scottsdale. As a result, she was put through criminal proceedings in connection with the incident and Child Protective Services took temporary custody of the children and allowed her to see them only on weekends.

Working out a parenting time agreement in divorce

In divorce, settling matters related to child custody and visitation is not always and easy task. In many cases, it is the most difficult part of the divorce. Oftentimes the difficulties lie in the relationship between the parents, but the difficulties can also arise from not understanding an effective way to approach the issue of parenting time. Of course, this is part of why it is so important to work with an experienced attorney. In addition, parents can also take advantage of information provided by the Arizona Courts so they are better educated going into the process.

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