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Dissolution decrees: what do they deal with?

When a couple comes to terms with the fact that they will be seeking a divorce, the next natural step is to begin discussing the issues of custody, property division, spousal support, and similar matters. These discussions are important because, if couples are able to resolve these matters privately, they can save a significant amount of money on litigation. It is not always possible, of course, for couples to resolve their disputes privately. In some cases, there is too much hostility or difference of opinion for couples to do so. Even in cases where couples are able to come to an agreement, they still need to make sure they work with an experienced attorney to ensure their rights are protected and their interests advocated.

Court of appeals approves enforcing out-of-state child support orders

Under a new ruling from an Arizona Court of Appeals gives judges the ability to enforce child support orders from other states, reversing a previous ruling that Arizona law doesn't allow for modification of child support orders from other states.

Be aware of your health insurance coverage rights during and after divorce

Health insurance is a critical asset nowadays, one which Americans cannot afford to go without. This is why it is so important in divorce to have a plan worked out for ensuring coverage for oneself and one's children. Fortunately, states have recognized this and have put certain protections in place for divorcing couples so that lack of insurance coverage is not an issue.

AZ man fighting surprise child support payments

Child support is an important resource for parents caring for children out of wedlock or after a divorce, and everybody agrees that parents have the duty to help support their children. This does not mean that there are no circumstances under which child support might be unfair to foist upon a parent. Take, for instance, the unique case of a 24-year-old Phoenix man who is being required to pay support for a child he conceived as a 14-year-old and which he only recently found out about?

Overcoming challenges inherent to the divorce process

A couple may choose to divorce for a number of reasons. Whether a divorce was years in the making, precipitated by one major event or a total surprise; learning that a husband or wife has filed for divorce is likely to set off a firestorm of thoughts and emotions.

What is the difference between legal annulment and divorce?

Navigating a web of legal terms and concepts may cause some stress for many Arizona residents. When trying to determine whether legal separation or divorce is the best move for their family, some people may come across the concept of legal annulment. Although annulment enters the arena of family law, it is different from divorce in a number of key ways.

Is divorce process different for Arizona covenant marriages?

Throughout the course of this blog, divorce has generally been discussed in terms of basic marriage agreements. Under these circumstances, an individual doesn't need a specific reason to file for divorce. In other words, it is a no-fault arrangement.

Determining how inherited assets will be handled during divorce

When a person designates estate beneficiaries, it's a very intentional move. Creating a will for the purpose of distributing assets and property is all about creating a legacy. For many people, this means providing for loved ones after passing away.

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